Sunday, June 11, 2006

We're Home! Enter Reality...Well, Almost

Well, we made it and Jenny and I are still talking! Here are some random facts from our “Endless Summer” trip around the world:

Total days: 179
Countries visited: 12
Number of Continents: 5
Number of Oceans: 3
Hours of flight time: >125
Hours delayed in airports: 19 hrs
Total air miles: 49,000
Total photos taken: 4897
Number of McDonalds passed: hundreds
Number of times eaten at McDonalds: None
Number of games of Backgammon: ~100
Backgammon Score: Alan up by 18 games

Modes of transportation: Planes, trains, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, buses, taxis, boats, helicopters, gondolas, Tuk-Tuks, elephants, parachutes and old fashioned walking.

Favorite place:
Alan: African Game Reserve
Jenny: Thailand

Least favorite place:
Alan: Australia
Jenny: India

Fiji - One Last Break Before Back to Reality.

There's really not much to write in Fiji as we take in some last minute R&R...this was really a place that we took in to sit back, relax and take in some sun. I have to admit that after learning to scuba dive in Thailand, I've seen the underworld at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia...but, Fiji had the best diving that i've seen so far. Anway, enjoy the pictures, reality is only one week away!